Sunday, 20 May 2018

Golden Dawn’s press release about the massacre of the Palestinians

Schlomo Shekelstein: ''hihihi, we must slaughter the goyim!''

Golden Dawn condemns the massacre of the Palestinian people in Gaza in the most expressive manner and calls on the government of Tsipras-Kammenos to report to the international organizations, those responsible for the slaughter.

Golden Dawn - Press Office

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: You are born Greek, you do not become one! VIDEO

The Secretary General of Golden Dawn assaulted the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL regarding the draft law for the asylum applications to the illegal immigrants, which is a community directive that turns Greece into a country of residence of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. 

At first, he referred to the adoption of the European legislations that harm our Homeland, noting that Golden Dawn fights for the removal of the E.U. flag from Greece.

He stated that the duplication of the number of illegal immigrants is a work of the government SYRIZA, so this is why when the prime minister Tsipras visits Lesvos, he surrounded by riot police on his visit to Lesvos.

He noted that the migration flows are doubled in the gate of Evros, since 1248 illegal immigrants arrived in Thessalonica, through the wrecked fence of Evros. 

Afterwards, he revealed the insidious actions of NGOs, but also International Amnesty and Avramopoulos, who acted for the acquittal of five NGO members who were traffickers of illegal immigrants. 

SYRIZA prepares hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to become the new citizens of Greece, while they are also accountable for the “hot spots” who are basically social jungles. 
N.G. Michaloliakos stressed that the only solution for the end of the illegal immigration, is the implementation of the draft law that Golden Dawn presented at March of 2016. 

In the end, he stated that “you do not become, you are born Greek” and concerning the developments at the Skopje issue, he repeated the words: No compromises for our Macedonia! 

Popular rage against Kemal Ataturk's stooge, mayor Yiannis Boutari is chased by the people in Thessalonica

Yiannis Boutaris: @ 0:25 ''I don't give a shit if he [Kemal] killed Greeks or not''

He is the foremost Hellenic stooge for Turk Genocidal leader, Kemal Ataturk.  The unacceptable mayor of Thessalonica has tarnished today's anniversary of the memory of the victims of Pontian Hellenism who were genocided by Kemal Ataturk, since he allowed the same day to be "gay pride day'' in the city.

Boutaris, when he was seen in the White Tower area in the afternoon, where he allegedly participated in the Memorial events for the 353,000 victims, was assaulted by the crowd and fled from the people.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Tsipras must resign since he has made Greece into a jungle with the policy of open borders!

The General Secretary of the People's Association - Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos said today from the Parliament about the visit of Tsipras in Lesvos:

"The ostensibly ''popular'' Prime Minister, Tsipras is going to Mytilene today with dozens of Police squads as occupying power.  The shops are closed on an island that has become a social jungle with the policy of the open borders.  Let Tsipras figure out that the time to resign has come and not to say in anger that he will hold elections in October 2019.  The Golden Dawn fights for another Greece, with no open borders in both Evros and islands. For a Greece that will belong to Greeks.
I am sure - and I hope to be disproved - that this statement will not be published in the interwoven channels."

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Golden Dawn’s announcement about the uncontrolled situation with illegal immigrants

The borders must be closed now and all illegal immigrants be expelled from Greece.

Golden Dawn - Press Office

The Turks understand only the language of power

The Golden Dawn’s Press Representative about the new Turkish challenges said from the Parliament:
"The Turks only understand the language of power, powerful Greek forces must guard all our islets and all Turkish agents, acting illegally in Greece, must be captured directly, so that Erdogan is brought to reason and sets free our two military hostages."

About the incidents in Lesvos

A statement was released by Golden Dawn, in regards to the backlash by everyday Hellenes in Lesvos, against the government, as well as the illegal invaders who had been squatting in the square in Lesvos, occupying it.

The Greek citizens of Lesvos united - independently of political party origin - sent a strong signal to the anti-Hellenic government: "NO to the degradation of our lives - NO to uncontrolled illegal immigration!"

Golden Dawn - Press Office

How the illegal animals act like in Lesvos - These are the things that the anarchist demonic traitors, leftists, mainstream media, and the government don't want you to see.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

A group of ''rapugees'' from Pakistan attack and rob a couple of Hellenes in Kavala

Two 16 year old Pakistanis were identified and are sought while an 18 year old homosexual was arrested. Known to security men are the details of two of the three foreigners who attacked a couple of young Hellenes in the early hours of Easter Sunday in Kavala grabbing the girl's bag! These are two 16 year old Pakistanis, who have not yet been identified, but police investigations are under way and, at the expense of them, a robbery case filed with the prosecutor. An 18 year old homosexual has already been arrested since Sunday morning, who was identified by the victims.The three aliens approached the 19 year old and her 18 year old friend, struck them and managed to get the hand bag with 90 euros and various personal papers.

In the above case there are two main questions:
1. Are the perpetrators in fact "refugees", and are they sitting in the same school desks as the Greek children?
2. Do the two illegal aliens falsely declare that they are minors to be treated more favorably than Greek justice?

Greece still mourns a victim of Turkish aggression: Dead the Greek pilot who fell in Skyros!

Still a Hellenic Air Force pilot fell under duty in the footsteps of Hero Konstantinos Iliaki. As was previously the case, the debris of the Hellenic Air Force Mirage 2000-5 aircraft that fell in Skyros was found and unfortunately the Greek pilot is dead.We recall that the Hellenic pilot participated in a Turkish airplane attack operation that had violated the Hellenic national airspace, an incident announced yesterday by a Turkish newspaper. The current tragic incident reminds us that unfortunately there are 2 types of Hellenes: Those with the task of fighting and sacrificing for our sovereign rights, and the other, trying to promote the "Greek-Turkish friendship" ...

Golden Dawn expresses his deep condolences to his family and colleagues in the Air Force.The Golden Dawn Press Office issued the following Press Release: "Greece is still mourning a victim of a brutal Greek-Turkish war, and a Greek Air Force pilot fell in favor of the Faith and Homeland in the Turkish airplane crash operation that has violated the national airspace for the last time. Another victim of the Turkish threat was added as a tragic response to those who still talk about "Greek-Turkish friendship''. Golden Dawn expresses it's warm condolences to his family and his colleagues in the Air Force." 

Giorgos Baltadoros

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Petition - Please Share

We ask our supporters to please share this E-Petition, to ensure the Commonwealth of Australia continues to recognise the United Gypsy State of FYROM as it currently does.

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