Saturday, 16 December 2017

Nationalist pulse and fighting youth at the Golden Dawn athletic games

Golden Dawn - Martial Arts Games

A great event with fighting games took place in the presence of hundreds of young Nationalists that was organized by Golden Dawn.
The championship was attended by professional sports athletes and Golden Dawn MP's, and all kinds of martial arts and fight sports were presented.



Arm Wrestling - presented by the former Arm Wrestling World Champion, George Charalambopoulos and participated by MP Yiannis Aivatidis

MMA - MP Ilias Kasidiaris participated

Boxing - MP George Germanis participated

Golden Dawn head, Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Golden Dawn: The political tour of Erdogan at Thrace must be banned!

Pimp Erdogan, came to Thrace triumphantly, where he gave his conquering demands to the puppet Alexis Tsipras, like he does to the rest of the Europe.

Recently, the Turkish president Erdogan slandered the Greek diplomacy in our own country and the only one who gave him the proper answer was Golden Dawn and the Secretary General, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos.

The Leader of People’s Association - Golden Dawn answered to the anti-Hellenic statements of Erdogan noting that: “The anti-Hellenic positions of the sultan of the Ottomans Erdogan were already known, before his arrival at Greece. This is the reason why Golden Dawn has publicly vowed that he is unwelcome in Greece. 

Those who invited Erdogan in Greece are responsible for the provocations in the capital of Greeks. New Democracy is also responsible, since they publicly agreed with the visit of Erdogan”.

After the provocative statements of Erdogan we call the political leadership of this land to act properly, to ban the triumphal tour of Erdogan at Thrace.”

Of course the statement of N. G. Michaloliakos was silenced from almost all the media, since only some excerpts were broadcasted.

However, it was never broadcasted the call from Golden Dawn to the political leadership of the land to ban immediately the provocative political tour of Erdogan at Thrace.

Of course, how could the subordinate media of the political system broadcast these statements, since they welcome the “sultan” and his antinational fiesta at Thrace?

Saturday, 2 December 2017

More undeniable proof that ANTIFA Anarchist are controlled paramilitary of the system. Video shows colabaration between state and ANTIFA.

Antifa Anarchists disrupt a university speech and smashed a window

Previously, we showed you the undeniable collaboration between the system and ANTIFA terrorists.
Golden Dawn has always maintained that there's collaboration between the system, the police who work for the system and Antifa Anarchist terrorists.  If you forgot who the system is, we listed them in this post here.

We'll it's happened again, in an incident involving speaker and activist, Lucian Wintrich.  Now we're not supporters of Lucian who is a gay Jew.
However, Lucian Wintrich makes a speech at the University of Connecticut titled, ''It's ok to be White''.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  WRONG, according to the unwashed Anarchists and the system.  According to them, Whites must have a sense of guilt and self hatred.

During the speech, a fat unwashed uni leftist steals Lucian's university speech notes. This happens RIGHT IN FRONT of police.  The police stand there despite a criminal theft taking place. Lucian instinctively grabs her with one hand, and with his other grabs his notes back.

50 seconds in the clip.

Who do the police arrest? The anarchist that stole his property?  Or Lucian who was trying to retrieve his stolen property? Unbelievably, they arrested Lucian, rather than the criminal. This is the exact same thing as a robber stealing same lady's handbag, and than she grabs him and takes her handbag back, but the police arrest her instead of the thief.

Connecticut state law allows a person to use reasonable force to prevent or retrieve stolen property.
Not that it actually matters to the state and the police who were collaborating with the anarchists, and arrested Lucian instead.  

Golden Dawn has always let you the reader know, that unwashed anarchists who parade around as ''rebels against the system'', are really just the system's puppets used to try and violently supress Nationalist and Popular movements, that the globalist government system doesn't like, just like the speech in this video.

Why does the system use these anarchist as pawns? Because if the government gets the police to violently supress a popular Nationalist movement that's peacefully protesting, they know these Nationalists will get sympathy from the population, and become angry towards the government. So the unwashed anarchists do the dirty work for the system instead, where the media will than simply report it as, ''Far Left and Far Right clash''.  Some of these leftist groups or anarchist university groups will all of the sudden, get some huge money thrown their way by some (((Billionaires))) such as (((George Soros))), and than they're told to organise and hit the streets, as we've seen.

Than when anarchist's attack protestors that the system doesn't like, whether it be in Hellas, Australia or the USA., the government and media are silent and refuse to condemn it.  
When anarchists have attacked Golden Dawn, the government and media is silent in their condemnation.  But when Golden Dawn dare defend themselves against leftists, the media and government make it front page news.  Or as we can see in cases such as this, will instead simply arrest the activists for defending themselves against Anarchist terrorists. 

Antifa Anarchists, stop pretending your ''rebels'' against the system.  Your political views are exactly the same as the systems. That being, Non-White immigration, illegal immigration, globalism, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Religion, Pro-Feminism, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion and Pro-Jewish.  
And as we can clearly see from these situations, you are completely in collaboration with the system, and are its puppet pawns.  

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Greece of Greek Christians! The Greek Nationalists by the side of Orthodoxy

Hundreds of Nationalists sent yesterday a resonant message of support for the Christian Orthodox Faith and our Church, arriving at the event of National Memory Commission with the following subject: “The persecutions against Orthodoxy on the era of Globalization”.

The Consultant of the Periphery of Attica, Comrade Pericles Moulianakis opened the rigorous event and noted that as long as there are Greek Christians, there will be a Greek and Orthodox Homeland!

The Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn made the first speech in the event. At first, Nikolaos G., Michaloliakos gave the right answers to all those accusations against Golden Dawn, aiming to connect Golden Dawn with mystic satanic organizations. Afterwards, he referred to all the sacred figures of Orthodoxy, to the proud priests of Hellenism, who offered their life to the Homeland and the Faith.

The Archbishop of Christian Orthodox in Athens and Greece, Mr. Makarios, praised the Greek Nationalists for their fights and noted that the most difficult thing today is the loyalty of the people towards their Faith, since Orthodoxy is attacked from every side.

The Doctoral of the Theological University of Antioquia, Archbishop Maluf Antonios, referred to the persecution of Christian by the islamists, stressing that Greece is the capital of Orthodoxy!

The Sergeant Andreakos Dimitrios, who was victorious in his struggle regarding the citizen card, sent the message of resistance towards the atheist and anti-Christian state.

Comrade Nikolaos Papadimitiou, professor and former administrator of Mount Athos, expressed his concern regarding the anti-Christianity of the western societies, which abandon the ethical values, and denounced the “democratic” interventions of an atheist state in our Orthodoxy.

The event ended with the speech of the MP of Piraeus, Giannis Lagos. Lagos stressed that in era where everything is distorted, where ministers and prime-ministers state that they are atheist and build mosques in Athens, only Golden Dawn Fights for our Homeland and our Faith.

The event ended with everyone chanting the National Anthem and the Akathist Hymn. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos in Support of Flood Victims in Attica

The head of Golden Dawn, General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos is accompanied by party members Christos Papper, Eleni Zarolia, & Elias Panagiotaros in the flood effected areas of Attica.

With the Establishment's purposeful neglect of vital infrastructure requirements to help the region cope with flooding, our party stands in support of Greek locals. Our party is here to share in the experience of our every proud Hellene's struggle, and to provide necessary relief to those who not only lost their belongings, but also to those who lost loved ones in the recent disaster.

Our comrades so for themselves the scale of the disaster, which continues to suffer due to the negligent and incompetent State. Our members where greeted with warmly by the locals, who expressed their disgust in the abandonment of the people at the hands of Syriza Regime.

On behalf of the Nationalist movement of Greece, our General Secretary stated the following:

"Once again, Greece mourns the dead due to the neglect of the incompetent state. Syriza has Governed the country for three years, yet not a single flood project has been undertaken in the area. Our deepest condolences go to the families of the dead. The fake patriots of the Establishment will now have to leave Western Attica in mercy. Expect at least one resignation from those who are responsible for this catastrophe ".

In Solidarity with Attica - Flood Relief for Victims of Syriza's Incompetence

While the dregs of the Greek government (Dorou & her lackey, Tsipras) jokingly brush off the natural disaster in Attica, Golden Dawn stands in support of those affected. There isn't an inch of Greece our supporters, party members, MPs and leaders won't venture into, and instead will stand face to face with fellow Hellenes who are in need of assistance. Where ever there is struggle, there is Golden Dawn.

In the region of Mandra, our supporters assisted locals directly, including providing crucial food & supplies, assisting with clean ups, providing assistance to the elderly, and helping locals get back on their feet.

Golden Dawn's support was also covered by RT (2.35), as locals vent their frustration at the Establishment, while only Golden Dawn remains to assist on the ground, rather than behind their Ivory Towers in the gatted wealthy communities of Northern Athens.

In Nea Peramos, our supporters came to help the locals as well as small family businesses. More essential supplies and food where shared with affected locals. Our members do not just make statements for the papers, we listen directly to those we represent, and echo their concerns 10 fold in the controlled Parliament.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

The ultimate evil of an antinational government - Article by N.G. Michaloliakos

They [the system and the government] claim we should change, be “realists” at last. They claim that the enemy is invincible and that their money can buy souls, hearts, consciousness, voices and pens. They claim that is utopia, in an era where the banks, the stock market, the television stations and the newspapers govern this world that is sunken into nothing, into the immorality, the zero! We, loyal to the eternal symbol of the Ideal of Nobility, against the rule of the times of money, we answer them that their “realism” is nothing else than slavery and submission.

A wreck named Greek state

There was no reaction in this shipwreck named Greek state of 2017, which is the least Greek and not a state! The chairman of New Democracy attempted to denounce all these in the Parliament but it was not really appropriate, since in the argument of “what have you done all these years for this?” [directed towards him] he could not answer. 
As for those [anarchists] who beat Officers and Soldiers, civilians because they present Greek symbols, they are the same who burn the Greek Flag, they hate Greece and they so not hide that. Yet, if we were “realists” we would not be bothered with these, since these are mere details in this consummative society where everything is give and take.  Everything are numbers, shares and interest rates, which go from bad to worse. The fact that the Greek economy goes downwards does not bother the propagandists, who continue to claim that everything in the economy is fine…
Besides, Mr. Schauble in an interview at SKAI said everything is fine. So, the unemployed, those who lost their stores, those who may lose their property can sleep well. Everything is fine…And of course, a new campaign against Golden Dawn was also necessary,  because of an incident that we denounced. 

Nationalism: The youth of the World

Well, if we were “realists”, subdued, we should have forgotten the fact that Greek Thrace is free because thousands of Greek men spilt their blood, the elite of the Nation in those heroic wars at the 20th century. So, we must not be surprised by the fact that the vice-president of the Turkish government came in the territory of Free Greece and provocatively referred to a Turkish minority, he called Skopje as “Macedonia” and addressed to the Greek muslims he told them that mother Turkey has not forgotten them. And all these while a secretary of the state was next to him and did nothing, since he could at least leave as a sign of disapproval for the words of the Turkish politician.
In the same day, at the Eastern Aegean at the cliffs of Imia, where the blood of three Brave Men of our Navy carved the Greek Flag, took place another Turkish defiance. The flight of Turkish helicopter in our national sovereign territory. Yet the nice “realists” who govern us, did not considered this a great issue. 
There is no coincidence that all the political parties denied a minute of silence for the dead and the Heroes of the Iraklion street, and it is better that way. Otherwise it would be hypocritical. They revealed their true self, full of hatred towards Nationalism. Well, Nationalism will always be the youth of this world! 
For them, GOLDEN DAWN is the ultimate evil and because they believe this, it means that we have chosen the right path ALWAYS against their “realism”, the “realism” of the subdued. We raise to the stars our Flag and the torches of Honor, which symbolize the Souls of our Great Fallen Men. 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Giorgos & Manos - Watching over us, from above! Speeches from Golden Dawn

At the moving Remembrance Ceremony that took place on Wednesday the 1st of November 2017 the Golden Dawn Euro Parliamentarian Lambros Fountoulis, father of Giorgos, emphasised that he didn’t buckle after the cowardly murder of his son and as a political soldier he took the place of his son in the Struggle for the Fatherland and for Freedom.

Alexandros Gerontas, our Brother in Arms, who was heavily injured from the terrorist’s bullets but who stood tall, stressed how time has stood still on Irakliou Road and that we all owe it Giorgos and Manos to continue the Struggle.

Golden Dawn’s leader, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos emphasised that the guilty parties are not limited to the gutless assassins, but to the entire dirty media system who on the night of the murders declared that they were the consequence of a “settling of scores”. He referred to the pathetic gathering of approximately 20 professional “anti-fascists” who disbanded before the start of this ceremony and he pointed out that four years later there still have not been any interrogations carried out in order to arrest the parastatal murderers. He stated that the new Thermopylae of modern Hellenism was found on Irakleiou Road where Giorgos Fountoulis bravely opened his arms in front of the murderers and said “Here I am, for Greece and for Faith”.

In the place of the two young Dead Heroes there are now thousands of Greek Nationalists who undauntedly continue as declares the slogan that was created by an anonymous Golden Dawner “Giorgos and Manos, listen from up above, your brothers will forever guard the streets”!

Lambros Fountoulis speech transcription
“Brothers and sisters in arms, friends, four years have passed since that dreadful day, Friday 1st November 2013. In the minds of some, images and emotions from that night are resurrected. Images that have never before been experienced in Greece: two brave hearted young men cowardly exterminated in cold blood. Two young Greeks, whose only crimes were their love for the Fatherland and their honourable Struggle for a better Greece from within the ranks of Golden Dawn. The fatal shots were fired into their heads by the paid exterminators, as they were ordered to, because they thought that they would kill their ideas. The mass media of propaganda and the entire political system with a special mention for Samaras, Papoulias, Venizelos and Dendias, did not speak a single word of condemnation for this appalling crime as they would usually fall over themselves to do in other cases. “Luckily there were no men killed” were the words of the deplorable journalist Pretenteris. I have many emotions. Pain, grief, fury: Emotions that accompany me daily from that night as if a single day hasn’t passed. However I didn’t buckle just as our Leader, our parliamentarians and many of our brothers in arms didn’t buckle with the illegal persecution and imprisonment. Just as you all brothers and sisters in arms, friends and ordinary citizens didn’t buckle and weren’t afraid to stand here, the place that our two young men have marked with their blood. The dream of each parent is for their child to follow in their footsteps and to achieve goals in their life that they weren’t able to. Fate has given me a different path: I would follow in my son’s footsteps and I would struggle for his beliefs and ideas that he didn’t get the chance to fulfil in this life; for those things that we discussed between ourselves when we spoke about politics, God, Fatherland, family. When we discussed values and ethics and who embodies these qualities. It is for these values that I joined the ranks of Golden Dawn, a political soldier in place of my son and for these qualities that I will continue to struggle until we succeed in building a new Greece: Free and independent! Giorgos and Manos my brave hearted young men, your sacrifice is like a lighthouse that shines a light for us and guides us forward. We won’t take a single step backwards in your values, in your principles and in your ideals. We will continue your honourable Struggle, for which you gave your lives, until the final victory. Giorgos Fountoulis, Manolis Kapelonis, Immortal!”

Alexandros Gerontas speech transcription
“Four years have passed since the murderous attack on the Office of the Northern Suburbs of Golden Dawn carried out by cowardly far left parastatal terrorists. An attack that cost the lives of two of our Brothers in Arms: Giorgos Fountoulis and Manolis Kapelonis. For us though, the Hellenic nationalists of Golden Dawn, however much time may pass, it will be as if it occurred only yesterday. It is as if time itself has stopped, here on Irakleiou Road. What can one say when one finds oneself at the site where our brothers were sacrificed? Is there anything that can relieve the grief and the justified fury that we feel? I speak from the heart: there is nothing. The only thing that I’ve learned all these years, and you know this too brothers & sisters in arms, is that there aren’t any words to describe it and the only thing that matters are actions. The actions one takes each passing day. Its’ wise then that every day that passes that we understand what we ought to do and what we must not do. What can we do and what can’t we do? We can stand all together with a single soul, side by side with each other, at the side of our Leader and to struggle united with all of our strength against the darkness. Giorgos and Manos, the day will be a holy one when we stand worthy of your sacrifice. Brothers, you are here with us and you guide us, you are Immortal!” 

Nikos Michaloliakos speech transcription
“Brothers and sisters in arms, we’ve gathered here today to make a sincere mass prayer for the souls of our two brothers. In the funeral songs from Mani, when the funeral song is beginning, the lead singer acknowledges those who are present in mourning. I will do the same today. Thanking from the bottom of my heart the honourable core of Hellenism, who are present here today and to be able to speak of such when we live in an era where forgetfulness, atheist Marxism and national nihilism has overtaken everything.

I will speak of the leadership of the revolution of 1821, of Germanos III of Old Patra who passed away in Italy supposedly of a heart attack, a fact that was convenient for many different interests at the time, so that the Revolution would be denied a worthy pioneer. I will speak of the defamed Papaflessas, who with his fiery rhetoric shook the captains into starting the Revolution, even misleading them to justify this end. I will speak of Gregory the Fifth whom the Turks hung to death from the building of the Patriarchate. We should remember the words of the poet that say “Don’t forget the rope, children, of the Patriarch”. I will speak finally, of the Holy Man of our Nation, of Athanasios Diakos. He died refusing to change his Faith and this makes him a Holy Man of our Faith.

We thank from the bottom of our hearts, the Priests who have attended this evening. They have blessed and sung the Trisagion Prayer for the souls of our brothers, Giorgos and Manos, because from God we all began.

I would like to make the second acknowledgement to the worthy and respected father of Giorgos, Lambros Fountoulis. Who has taken his son’s place in the ranks of the Struggle and holds a flag high together with his human torture.

I would also like to say welcome to all of you who prove that the dead are not forgotten. The Heroes of the Nation are not forgotten. The two brave hearted men who spilt their blood are not forgotten. Yes, it was 7.05 on the 1st of November 2013 when time froze as Giorgos and Manos spilt their blood for Greece, for Faith, for the People, for Orthodoxy, for the values that we defend and fight for and we will fight for until the end.

7.05 in the evening of the 1st of November 2013. Let your minds wander and your soul free and contemplate, here in this exact place the murderers approach. As we know from the brothers who were here, among them Alexandros who still carries on his body the scars from the bullets, Giorgos who was sitting here in this place saw the murderers approaching and opened his arms out wide. He said to them Here I am! For Greece! For Faith! You can’t do anything to me! You won’t kill me! And they didn’t kill him! He lives within us! He lives within all of you! He lives in the flags that are raised high! Giorgos and Manos Live!

Brothers and sisters in arms, what should we remember from those that carry a huge guilt for this crime? We were in jail then and we were following the news bulletins. They were saying that the motorbike was black and left towards the direction of Mesogia when the motorbike was white and had gone towards Kiffissia: Total misinformation. Four years have passed. Not a single suspect has been interrogated. Isn’t this correct brother in arms Lambros? You follow any developments on the matter. Not even a single suspect. Nothing. If the state wants to act immediately on an issue, it has the means to. However in this case it suited them very well that two young people should die, guarding the new Thermopylae, the new Thermopylae of modern Hellenism which is found on Irakleio Road. They didn’t achieve anything though: they believed that with their bullets, murdering our brothers, they would frighten off an entire group of people. Today in the place of the two there are hundreds, they are present, brave men and women, proud Golden Dawners, Greeks, to honour their memory. Brothers and sisters in arms, they should get the message, Giorgos and Manos did not die. They live within our hearts and each year we’ll be here to honour their memory. Immortal!”

I won’t forget! Only Golden Dawn Stands with the Relatives of the Missing Persons of Cyprus

On Friday the 3rd of November 2017 the Pan Hellenic Council for Missing Persons held a lecture on the theme “Missing Persons from 1974, Rights of the Relatives” in the amphitheatre of the Foreign Ministry. Golden Dawn participated via its Parliamentary Leader Christos Pappas.

There was a deafening silence from the government and all the rest of the political parties who were absent. The Foreign Ministry thinks it can carry out its responsibilities to the missing persons and their families by making the amphitheatre available and sending an employee to observe proceedings without even addressing the meeting. The same attitude was displayed by the Ministry of Defence who sent two Military Officers but no one from the political leadership. There was also a noticeable absence of the parliamentarian members from the Council for Foreign Affairs and Defence.

It seems that in order to honour the Greek Missing Persons, the unburied fallen and to claim the self - explanatory like burying the fallen and acknowledging where and how they were killed (or executed) from the barbarian Turkish invaders, you have to be Golden Dawn. The ties that bind the political parties of the so – called “constitutional” or “democratic” spectrum are obviously stronger than historical responsibility. The parties of the political system of every colour, deliberately and provocatively, have ignored for 43 years now the Ethnic National but also Ethical and Humane case of the Missing Persons.

That any progress has been made regarding the search for the Missing Persons, is due exclusively to the actions and persistence of the relatives, whom Christos Pappas described in his greeting as participants in a modern tragedy, that of Cyprus of 1974 where their role is like the tragedy of Sophocles, Antigone. She condemned the political leadership at the time, as our current leadership also deserves to be, not only for their absence from the lecture but for their longstanding absence and their inappropriate behaviour towards the relatives but also towards the Heroes of 1974, whose sacrifice is regarded as not occurring during a state of war, just as the official Greek state doesn’t recognise as a war experience the battles of Cyprus in July and August of 1974. The absence of political leadership and the behaviour of the servile Greekish state didn’t go unrecognised and were condemned by the co-ordinator of the lecture, the reputable journalist Mr Lazaropoulos.

During the lecture we heard speeches from the President of the Committee Mrs Kalbourtzi, daughter of the fallen hero Lieutenant Colonel Stylianos Kalbourtzi Commander of the 181 Army Ground Artillery, other relatives and the legally detailed explanations from the lawyers Achillies Dimitriadis and Natasha Iakovou. Brother in Arms Christos Pappas, emphasised to the audience the fighting attitude of Golden Dawn on our National issues and of course the presence of our Movement on the side of the relatives of the missing and our support of their claims and the International condemnation of Turkey for its criminal actions, however many years may pass. He noted that since the countries of Greece and Cyprus are indifferent and aren’t interested in taking on the National issue of the Missing persons and the rights of the relatives, it is the fateful burden of to the individual families and relatives, whom he encouraged to be united, patient and strong, quoting the ancient saying “Strength in Unity”. Finally he stressed to the audience that justice for each family won’t come with receiving the case with the bones of their relative, but in reality it will come only after these two states Greece and Cyprus, which are one single Ethnic Nation achieve unity in one State. Then Hellenism will embrace its greatness and the souls of the Missing Persons will have justice.