Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: We are the future and you are the past!

For the major national issue of Macedonia, Nikos Michaloliakos stressed the organized acts of the media and the political system for the extinction of this issue.

He referred to the provocative statements of the prime minister of Skopje Zaev for the dignity of “the Macedonians outside of Macedonia”, to whom he answered: “Macedonians are Greeks and the people of Skopje are Slavs”. Zaev is creating an issue of national minority in our Homeland and the government is ignorant. 

Any offer of the name of our Macedonia to the usurpers of Skopje constitutes treason and the Comrades of Golden Dawn will resist in every way, according to the article 120 of the Constitution.
He referred to the statement of Erdogan in Kommotini regarding “four of his deputies in the Greek Parliament” and he challenged these deputies to state if their “mother country is Turkey”. Concerning the Turkish threats, he answered that the Homeland of our heart reaches Adrianopolis, Trabzon, Smyrna and Constantinople.

Regarding the recent statement of State Department that “the two communities in Cyprus should equally exploit the resources” he made it clear that USA and Europe have abandoned us for the shake of Turkey. The only answer that Turkey understands is the answer of power. 

He denounced the government SYRIZA for leaving 2 Greek militaries at the mercy of Turkey, stressing the fact that the government adopted the Turkish point of view, according to which the Greek soldiers trespassed in Turkish territory. 

He ended his speech declaring: “You call fascists, racists and scamps, but we are the future and you are the past!”.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos: Greece must respond directly to Turkish provocation!

The General Secretary of the People's - Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos said about the new Turkish provocation in Evros:

We denounce the new aggressive action against Greece in Turkey. The capture of the two Greek soldiers is a provocative action to which both the government and the main Opposition have to answer. Turkey's accomplices are the USA, NATO and Europe that leave it to carry out such actions.

Greece has to respond, make acts to international organizations.

As for [Syriza minister] Nikos Tosca's statement against the leadership of the Greek Police, we don't know whether to laugh or cry. For both of them. Because we all know that here, at this point, those who have been arrested and invaded at the Parliament and with the orders of the President of the Parliament and of the minister Mr. Tosca, were released.

Let’s drop the hypocrisy. The Golden Dawn answers: Anarchists and Bolsheviks, this land is not yours!

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Introducing you to Skopiano Mathematics - Lesson 1

100,000 people at their 4 rallies!?  Whaaaat!? LOL
 If anyone watches the footage of the 4 rallies, you'll see there was 10,000 tops.

Growing up in school, we were taught mathematics, and how to add and subtract.
Well interestingly enough, just like the Skopiani have invented their own version of history, it seems that they've also began to invent their own version of mathematics, with their own methods of adding and subtracting.

As you can see in the screen shot above, the World Monkeydonia Congress stated that their was over 100,000 Skopiani that attended their 4 rally's across Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth.  The problem?  According to a 2011 Australian census (page 58), there is only 93,570 Skopiani in all of Australia...  Let that sink in for a minute...

I know this doesn't add up correctly, just like their embarrassing history claims don't either, but it looks like we've just come across a new invention of Skopiani: Skopiano Mathematics - The new and revolutionary way of adding and subtracting.

It seems like our Skopiano friends seem keen on given us new inventions, as well as new laughs.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Thousands of Greeks rally in Melbourne in defence of our Macedonia

Thousands of Greek Australians rallied outside the Greek consulate in Melbourne on February 25th, in defense our history, heritage and dignity as the only rightful descendants of the Macedonians.

The peaceful protest drew an energetic crowd, with community & religious leaders making a clear, loud statement that our Macedonia is not up for negotiation. The call had been answered by Greeks from around the country who flocked to Melbourne in order to send a strong message to the political collaborators who are looking to undermine our identity in favor of their own profits, and personal reputation with the Globalist elite.

Golden Dawn supporters from around the country attended, all of whom where received warmly by the patriotic Greek attendees. This was in stark contrast to the rootless, Fake-News outlet of Neos Kosmos, with the very mention of their name being responded by endless booing from the crowd who are sick of their Cultural Marxist propaganda (fast forward to 7:36)

While on the topic of undesirables, we would also like to draw attention to the degenerates at Melbourne City Antifa, who apparently couldn't keep an Anti-Greek banner up for any more than 10 minutes (by their own admission). We have copied an article of theirs for your review, and would appreciate if any of our followers can let us know if this article is real or if it is some kind of ironic satire, as cries of 'Forever anarcho-Love & comradely defiance' leave much to the imagination.

The protest confirmed the assumptions of the Golden Dawn Head Office, who have known for a long time that Greek Nationalism follows the Greeks where ever they go. Chief Secretary Michaloliakos once again confirms that unlike the sell out parties that have dominated the Greek parliament for decades, the Golden Dawn is the only party that has never changed from it's original position - Macedonia is GREEK, no compromise!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Macedonia rally this Sunday in Melbourne - We will not hand over our name.

Call 911 - Identity theft. An Alexander the Great statue, in Skopje.

This Sunday, the 25th of Feb, 2018, will be an official rally for Macedonia, in Melbourne.
Meet at Federation Square, @ 1pm. Than walk from Federation Square to the Greek consulate at 2PM, @ 37-39 Albert Road, Melbourne.

We encourage all Hellenes to attend, to send a clear message to the treasonous Hellenic government, that Hellenes around the world, will not accept our name Macedonia, being given out to Skopia, a country with no history or identity, that wants to create it's own, by stealing our Macedonian name an identity. It needs to be made clear by Hellenes worldwide to the Hellenic government, that handing over the name Macedonia to Skopia, will have Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA depicted to future Hellenic generations to come, as traitors placed in the same category as Ephialtes and Judas.  

Until than, we'll leave this below, for any of our Skopiano readers to see.  Skopiani claim to be Orthodox Christians, so let's see what the Bible has to say about Alexander the Great and Macedonia.

The Prophet Daniels calls refers to the future king, Alexander the Great, as a Greek King.  Daniel than correctly prophecies that after Alexander dies, his empire will split into four kingdoms. 

Daniel 8:20 
20 The two-horned ram that you saw represents the kings of Media and Persia.
21 The shaggy goat is the king of Greece, and the large horn between its eyes is the first king. 22 The four horns that replaced the one that was broken off represent four kingdoms that will emerge from his nation but will not have the same power. 

If you claim to be Christian Orthodox Skopiani, than you'll be believe the word of the bible, where the prophet Daniel, refers to Alexander the Great as a Greek king, rather than a Slav.

Monday, 5 February 2018

''Macedonia belongs to its bears'’: counter protest in Athens by far leftists

Unbathed Far leftists, hold a sign mocking the Greek Macedonia rally saying ''Macedonia belongs to it's bears''

At the same time that more than one million Hellenes were gathering in Syntagma Square to protest against betrayal of Macedonia, a leftist anarchist para-military mob of the state, who had been instructed by the government to challenge the great rally, gathered.
Ultimately, because these traitors impunity could not secure their impunity from the Hellenes, the paratroopers found it better to retreat to Exarchia and wait like a hyena for someone to move individually to their area.

In the end, what they did was to punch a motorcyclist whilst riding his bike, who had being carrying a Hellenic flag.  These anarchists and far leftists have the audacity to accuse others of being fascist and violent, when these para-troopers  of the state, constantly try and attack any individuals that have a different view to the globalist government.  Not to mention, every stance these traitors take is opposed to Hellas and the Hellenic people.  They take pride in going against their own people.  After all, the whole concept of Marxism and far leftism, is the destruction of the state in it's current form, in order to make way for a world with no nation borders. Because of their deliberate and constant activity that aims to oppose Hellenes and their interests, when Golden Dawn gets in power, these traitors and cancer cells, will be made to pay for their crimes against the Hellenic people. 

The motorcycle victim

Warm reception of Nikolaos Mihaloliakos and Golden Dawn from the great crowd at the Macedonia rally in Athens

Even though the television stations did not pay attention to the members of Golden Dawn, Golden Dawn had a massive and dynamic presence in the grand rally for our Macedonia and was warmly welcomed. Only the Golden Dawn is always on the side of the Hellenic people, because it expresses the genuine national feeling: Hands off our Macedonia!

Thursday, 1 February 2018

NEVER FORGET: Golden Dawn at the Monument of Imia honored the three fallen heroes

Hundreds of Comrades of Golden Dawn, led by the Secretary General of the People’s Association, Nikolaos Michaloliakos, arrived at the Monument of the three Heroes who fell at 31st of January at Imia, in order to honor their Memory.
The Leader of Golden Dawn made it clear that no matter the attempts of the system to exclude us, Golden Dawn will always be here to lay a wreath and honor the three Hellene Heroes.

Golden Dawn: The anti-Hellenic Nimitz out, who dared to call “Macedonians”, the people of Skopje

The People's Association - Golden Dawn today gave a reply to Nimitz’s anti-Hellenic proposals:
"The anti-Hellenic Nimitz, who dared to call Macedonians the gypsies of Skopje, is undesirable in Greece.
Every conversation with them is an act of betrayal.
And of course, his proposals, all containing the term Macedonia, are despicable and nationally unacceptable."

Spokesman for Golden Dawn - Ilias Kasidiaris 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Macedonian Issue and the left side - Article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Click on picture to enlarge

Being defeated in an ideological and political level, the representatives of the urban political parties from the center to the center-right wing, show in every chance their submission to the left side! If they respected Greek History and the leadership of the left side, since people are always patriots, even if they can be lured by the marxist politicians, they should have disdained in every chance the left wing for its antinational policy. In this article we shall speak with documents and we will present the official texts of the left side, which prove that the left wing betrayed Greece in the major national issue of our Macedonia.

Inter-war period and Macedonian issue

Forced by the Comintern, KKE ended in antinational resolutions. In fact that happened despite the reactions of top members of KKE, like Georgios Georgiadis, who denied to the plans of Moscow for independent Macedonia and Thrace and then left KKE, considering that it is an antinational political party. The representative of KKE who agreed with the plans of the Comintern was Sargologos, who stole the economic fund of Moscow for KKE and fled to USA! This is the famous “morality” of the left side!

In the end, the 3rd Conference of KKE took the following decision (a monument of national treason): (26 Nov. - 3 Dec. 1924) “Independence in Macedonia and Thrace: The capitalists repress the national minorities in Macedonia and Thrace, the Greek plutocracy suppresses a part of Macedonian and Thracian people, keeping with force the Macedonian and Thracian country under submission...” The famous historian of the left side Giannis Kordatos who was the secretary at KKE until 1924, reacted and was erased from the party because of that.

In fact, Giannis Kordatos, in his article at Revolution Proletarienne at 1926 - which was republished at “Rizospastis” at 1927 so that KKE can prove that Kordatos was not a rebel - directly accused KKE of national treason, writing the above: “The comintern forced KKE to replace Kordatos at 1924. Then, everything fell apart…The ultimate paradox was the motto for the autonomy of Macedonia…KKE actually created this issue. This policy in the end devastated this party, since the workers were displeased. Communism in Greece was presented as an ally of Bulgarian chauvinism. KKE allied with the Bulgarian nationalists, and did not talk about Dodecanese that belong to Italy, even though their population is 80% Greek, or for Cyprus that belongs to England, yet the population is 85% Greek.”

The vast treason during the civil war

However, this treason did not stop there. At 1974, the third plenary session of the central commission of KKE approved the notorious plan “Limnes” , which provided the creation of a communist state in Northern Greece, with Thessalonica as the capital, which they would give to Tito as a “gift”! Also, KKE during the 4th Plenary Session of the Central Commission at 28-29/7/1948 declared that “Greece is an imperialist state and conquered by force entire regions whose population are different nationalities. KKE in the name of bolshevism declares the autonomy of Macedonia and Thrace, their separation from the Greek State, for an independent Macedonia and Thrace…” (KKE-unofficial texts-third volume). 

The degradation of KKE follows with the resolution of the 5th Plenary Session: ''At Northern Greece, the Macedonian (Slav Macedonians) people gave everything for the fight, with heroism and sacrifices, that worth admiration. There is no doubt that with the victory of the communist army and the popular revolution, Macerdonian people will be free…''

The ''criminal''  Pavlos Melas!

Few months before the destruction of the communist army, at Grammos and Vitsi, took place at March of 1949 the conference of the bolshevist “Macedonians” with the presence of Zahariadis and Karagiorgis. In this conference, on behalf of KKE spoke K. Karagiorgis: “Dear companions. I shake the hand of each and every one of you. This conference constitutes the most beautiful proof for the unity and fraternity of the Greek and Slavomacedonian people, in the fire of the fights for freedom and the independence of the two populations. Few are the place where the people where so tormented, as the Macedonian people. In the past, the Turkish lords, the Serbian soldiers and the Greek soldiers-chieftains, like Pavlos Melas, Captain Bardas, Tsontos and Garefis repressed these poeple. For more than 50 years, Macedonian people fight for their freedom”. 

So, Pavlos Melas and those who fought for Macedonia are ''criminals''…A whole people mourned for his loss! Yet, martyrs of our Nation, those who fought for Macedonia to remain Greek, are nothing but ''chieftains that repressed these people!'' Of course, all these do not concern only KKE, but also SYRIZA, since from KKE, derives KKE internal, from KKE internal derives Synaspismos and from Synaspismos derives SYRIZA.

No party of the left side has ever denied or denounced these antinational resolutions that betray our Macedonia. New Democracy respects these …fights of the left side! We certainly not! 

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn