Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Local Activitism - Sydney

Golden Dawn Australia once again continues to spread the message of Nationalism to Hellenes across Sydney.

In the past few months alone, we have built a strong following among the diaspora, many of whom had never heard of the party prior to our first paper distribution activities. With our growing number of regular subscribers, we'd like to extend our invitation to our online supporters, who may also be interested in receiving our party's monthly paper.

Please see our contact page and reach out to us if you'd like to receive our monthly publication. We will continue to be active outside of Sydney as well, with more interstate activities organised by our chapters across the country.




Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Desecration of the Monument of Pontic Hellenes: The penalty? A suspended sentence of six months!

Hellenic Pontian genocide monument, vandalised by a brain dead, drug addict, anarchist traitor.

A suspended sentence of six months was the penalty for the brain dead anarchist, charged with the offense of vandalism to the Monument for the Genocide of Pontic Hellenes at Piraeus. 
His action should have been punished as a denial towards a historically proved genocide, according to the legislation, yet he was punished only for vandalism…

Really, if a Nationalist was accused of the desecration of a monument regarding a communist murderer, can you think of the reactions? 
Honestly, can you think of the reactions if someone desecrated a monument of Kemal Ataturk in Turkey? 

However our country is a failed state and when someone desecrates the Historical Memory and the Blood of the hundreds of thousands Hellenes who were murdered by Kemal Ataturk and this is considered only vandalism, punished with a suspended sentence of six months…

The other issue is this: Anarchist and far leftists have great sympathy for the illegal immigrants from the Middle East invading Europe, demanding they get let in, who are mainly military aged men with their Ralph Lauren tops and latest iPhones. Yet when it comes to their very own kind, such as Hellenes from Pontus, who fled their own homeland into mainland Hellas, with no food and barely any clothes, the leftist's sympathy quickly disappears towards they're own kind, and instead show hatred to their own kind, and have no problem vandalising  monuments regarding Pontic Hellenes terrible plight. This itself shows that there is no lower and treasonous people than these unwashed drug addicted anarchists and far leftists. 

Maybe the anarchists that read this site, can in the comments section below, explain why they're sympathetic towards the invading hordes of men from the Middle East who don't belong in Europe, who bring nothing but increased crime, terrorism and racial and cultural replacement of indigenous Europeans, but have such hatred towards their own Hellenic kind? Is it treason? Or just due to the numbing of their brains, due to their recreational drug use?
If you can muster up an answer, let us know in the comments section below, leftists. 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Hellenic coast guard open fire on Turkish ship carrying drugs near Rhodes!

Yesterday afternoon, a merchant ship with a Turkish flag and an extremely suspicious cargo refused to answer the Greek coast guard's repeated calls to dock in to the port,  for the cargo to be inspected, and got fired at, by the Greek Coast guard. As the captain of the Turkish ship said in the Turkish media, the Greek coast guard approached his ship when he was passing by Rhodes and demanded that he enter the port of the island. "We said we would not do it." They told us they would open fire if we did not stop, so there are 16 holes in the ship", he said. So far, things under international law are extremely simple, since the ship has received repeated calls and has refused to comply with the authorities' instructions. Indeed, the captain's insistence on denying a simple and justified request by the authorities, reinforces the view that something had to hide, drugs in particular, as is usual in such cases and as the complaint said.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry, instead of investigating the complaints and making statements about the ship's cargo, chose to go on the counter-attack, to allow the captain of the ship with narcotics to make statements on the Turkish channels and make the following announcement: "We were informed that in the outskirts of Rhodes a Greek coast guard opened a fire against the Turkish-flagged merchant ship that was passing from the port of Alexandreta in the harbor of Nicomedia. In no way can this be explained against a ship carrying cargo between two Turkish ports. All that we feel comforted, is that there have been no injuries. We strongly condemn this overpowering action by the Greek authorities that defies human life as a fundamental right and we want to share with the international public, the need not to repeat such an incident. "Turkey has now transported three of their navy ships to the region to reinforce the challenge and challenge of our national sovereignty.

The Turks have understood that they are dealing with the Greek government, who are subordinates, who are not interested in defending our national sovereignty but only in communicating their policy and thus are bringing the thermometer to the region alongside their provocative announcements. For our part, without knowing the facts in full, only through the narrations that were cited in the media, let us say a big well done to the Greek coast guard men, who did their duty in their entirety, endangering their lives by confronting the criminal elements of the jihadist partner, namely, Turkey.

The bullet holes, that went through the Turkish drug dealing ship

Monday, 3 July 2017

Provocations from Turkey continue after Islamic ceremony in Agia Sofia

Provocations from Turkey continue after Islamic ceremony in Agia Sofia: accuses Hellas and demands that the mosque in Athens be built immediately

The Turkish provocation with the Islamic prayer inside Agia Sofia generated a flood of international condemnation however that wasn’t enough to lessen the audacity of the Turks.

Immediately following the statement from the State Department, the Turks issued their own statement in which they cut off their nose to spite their face. They accused Hellas of “pressuring the Turkish minority” that “it has cases against elected Muftis” and that the mosque at Votanikos needs to be built.

This should be regarded as a lesson to the politicos, who not only allowed the Turkish prime minister to visit our Thrace but accompanied him. After this provocative support from Syriza the Turks immediately started to aggressively refer to a “Turkish minority” in contravention of the Treaty of Lausanne, to demand that Hellas accept the pseudo muftis and that a mosque in Athens must be built.

This proves that without a doubt the mosque in Athens is being built under Turkish orders while the tolerance of the state towards every kind of pro-Turk organisation is a compliance born of cowardice and indecision. No mosque in Athens! Anyone who feels Turkish can go to Turkey!

Written by Giannis Panousis,
Translated by XA Australia