Sunday, 14 January 2018

“TRAITORS-TRAITORS!”: Strong assault from Golden Dawn to Nick Kotzias for Macedonia! The vice president of Skopje escaped from the back door

People’s Association gave a strong answer to the treacherous plans of SYRIZA. With rigorous protests at the ministry of foreign affairs, with the presence of our leader and the parliamentary group, we sent the message of the national resistance: “The name of our Macedonia is not for sale!” More than hundred Comrades arrived in the central entrance of the ministry and raised flags with the words: “Macedonia is Greek!”

Our action forced the police to plan the escape of the vice president of Skopje, Osmani (of Albanian origin), from the back door to not have any contact with the Comrades of Golden Dawn. Greek foreign minister Kotzias, attempted to do the same thing, but the Comrades detected him and sent him a clear message. Under the words “Traitors-Traitors!”, Kotzias and his court went to another building of the ministry.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Attention - Newspaper Subscriptions

Due to the continued grass roots activism of our comrades, we have developed a strong following among ordinary Greeks, who for years have been censored by the controlled media on the true message of our party.

As a result of the spread of Greek communities across Sydney & Melbourne, we can't guarantee a presence in all Greek neighborhoods on a regular basis as we rotate across different suburbs & cities. We will continue our regular paper distribution on the streets of Sydney & Melbourne, but ask our loyal supporters to please be patient, as we don't confirm times or dates before our runs.

For this reason, we ask anyone of our supporters who would like to receive their monthly paper, to please contact us via our email to arrange a subscription.

XA Australia - Central Committee

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Major political action in the Piraeus Region

Political action in the Piraeus district downtown, took place on Saturday, December 30.
The action was attended by dozens of Nationalists, who handed out to residents of Piraeus, hundreds of sheets of printed material of the Nationalist Movement. Nationalists during action chatted with residents of Piraeus, who approached them in order to interact with them and discuss the problems of their region. Despite the exclusion of the Golden Dawn from all media, citizens of Piraeus welcomed the action of the Golden Dawn, the only political force that gives priority to the Greeks at a time when all other political parties are battling for the rights of illegal rapefugees.

The acceptance of the community proves that the working-class neighbourhoods of Piraeus and the entire region, support the struggle of the Golden Dawn and are part of it. Golden Dawn will continue the fight for a free Greece!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Macedonia and Thrace for sale - N.G. Michaloliakos

-All the political parties except for GOLDEN DAWN sell off the name of Macedonia

-The anti-nationalists of SYRIZA with the consent of ND create a “a state within a state” for
the muslims in Thrace

-Their antinational schemes are against the will of the majority of the people!

At October of 2015, GOLDEN DAWN had denounced at the Parliament the schemes of minister of foreign affairs Kotzias regarding the name of Macedonia, revealing that he had sent a letter to the chairmen of the political parties, where he asked them about a name for Skopje, as if the name of a state is a commercial firm or a product!
Only few days ago, New Democracy, though its representative, Maria Spyraki, stated that New Democracy supports a…compound name for all uses! 
Of course they omitted what they used to say at 90's, that the use of the word Macedonia as an adjectival or geographic definition is out of the table. Completely omitted!
So, they opened the gates for the name “New Macedonia”, which is according to the media the most likely option for Skopje, in this antinational compromise between the political establishment and the foreign occupation. 
The chairman of ND agreed with Maria Spyraki in his interview at the newspaper “TO VIMA”.


In this interview, the chairman of New Democracy stated that he will agree in a compound name, if only Panos Kammenos is agreed. 
His problem does not concern the use of the term Macedonia in the name of Skopje, but whether this name shall have the consent of the political party of Kammenos. 
Of course, the political party of Panos Kammenos, as usual, will disassociate itself from SYRIZA, but in the end will support the government! This stance of course is pathetic, so if the deputies of ANEL disagree with the compound name of Skopje, they can just bring down the government. 
In any case, the plans of the political establishment are against the will of the people, since according to a recent opinion poll 80% of the people disagree to a compound name containing the term Macedonia. 


In his interview about this issue at ERT, the minister of foreign affairs Nikos Kotzias stated that validation of the name for Skopje, they need the majority of the deputies, not the consent of the political parties!
Unfortunately, he is right, since according to the Constitution the majority of the deputies except for naming Skopje as Macedonia, can also change the borders! In order to be accurate, we present the excerpt of the Constitution: Article 27: (Change of borders) 
No change at the borders of the territory can be done, without the legislation, voted by the majority of the deputies.”
The position of GOLDEN DAWN at this issue is clear and remains the same since the launch of our newspaper at January 10 of 1993: “NO COMPROMISES FOR OUR MACEDONIA”!


However, the issue of Macedonia is not the only national affair, where the political establishment acts at the expense of the National Interests. There is also the issue of Thrace, where after the visit of Erdogan, Greece is submissive to the Turkish demands. 
The minister of Education and Religious Affairs Kostas Gavroglou stated that the government had decided for the election of mufti at Thrace! If this happens, then with the consent of Greece, the muslim Greek citizens, who are unfortunately allured by the Turkish propaganda, will have their own chosen leaders, appointed by the Turkish consulate!  Also, with an unusual legislation, they will impose saria at Greek Thrace! According to this legislation, if two muslim citizen agree to resort to the judgement of a mufti regarding their personal issues, then the decision of mufti will be unchangeable and then they will not be able to resort to the Greek court!
In this way, the Turkish consulate will create an autonomous state with its own leaders and courts within our Homeland!  There will be, literally, a muslim state within in Greece!

Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos
Secretary General of People’s Association-Golden Dawn

Saturday, 23 December 2017

New Islamic terrorist attack in Melbourne - Leftists a walking, talking contridiction of themselves

Afghan rapefugee, Saaed Noori, a couple of days ago ran over innocent people in Melbourne injuring 19 people, including a toddler, who's in a critical condition, during this Christmas period. 
This attack emulated the Islamic terrorist car attacks in Europe.

Victorian state police stated, we shouldn't jump to conclusions at this stage, but than contradicted themselves by jumping to a conclusion themselves, by saying it nothing do with terrorism, he was just mentally unwell.
Police and globalist Victorian state government were hand in hand working together to try and keep people from waking up to the obvious fact that Moslems themselves are a serious problem in Western society.
However while in hospital, terrorist Saaed Noori however contradicted the initial Victorian state government and police excuse, stating that the reason he did it, was because he was ''unhappy with the treatment of Moslems.''
What police and the government don't realize however is that with the exception of mentally stunted far-leftists, people have stopped believing their cover up propaganda, as they've used the same excuse repeatedly before.  They said that Islamic terrorist Haron Monis in 2014, did it because he was ''mentally unwell with psychological issues''.  They said that mixed raced, Islamic convert James Gargasoulas who ran over innocent's last year, was mentally unwell also.  The same excuse has been used with several Islamic terrorists in Europe aswell.  The excuse is old.

What is hilarious here, is the obvious and blatant hypocracy of the leftists.  

When celebrity gardener Don Burke just recently used a mental condition he has as an excuse for his alleged harassment of females, leftists and feminists were jumping up and down attacking Don Burke, saying his alleged mental health issue was no excuse for his behavior.
But when  police and government were using ''mental health'' as a cover up rather than terrorism as the reason, leftists were gleefully stating over social media that Saaed Noori wasn't a terrorist, but just has psychological issues.  Never mind that fact that Saaed Noori himself stated that he drove the car into people due to the mistreatment of Moslems.

Leftists out raged at mental health used as an excuse for Don Burke's behavior.

Leftists gleefully posting that mental health, not terrorism, was the reason for the attack.

Are Anarchists and far leftists not a constant walking, talking contradiction of themselves?  

I wonder, if a White Australian named John Smith deliberately drove through and killed Moslems in Turkey during Ramadan, because he didn’t like the way Muslims treated Christians, would the Turkish police, media and government say John Smith did it because of mental health issues, and the attack had nothing to do with terrorism?  Ye right.  Maybe it's time that these far leftist hypocrites, police and media, admit that Moslems are the problem, and are statistically by far the biggest cause of terrorism.

Saturday, 16 December 2017

Nationalist pulse and fighting youth at the Golden Dawn athletic games

Golden Dawn - Martial Arts Games

A great event with fighting games took place in the presence of hundreds of young Nationalists that was organized by Golden Dawn.
The championship was attended by professional sports athletes and Golden Dawn MP's, and all kinds of martial arts and fight sports were presented.



Arm Wrestling - presented by the former Arm Wrestling World Champion, George Charalambopoulos and participated by MP Yiannis Aivatidis

MMA - MP Ilias Kasidiaris participated

Boxing - MP George Germanis participated

Golden Dawn head, Nikolaos Michaloliakos

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Golden Dawn: The political tour of Erdogan at Thrace must be banned!

Pimp Erdogan, came to Thrace triumphantly, where he gave his conquering demands to the puppet Alexis Tsipras, like he does to the rest of the Europe.

Recently, the Turkish president Erdogan slandered the Greek diplomacy in our own country and the only one who gave him the proper answer was Golden Dawn and the Secretary General, Nikolaos G. Michaloliakos.

The Leader of People’s Association - Golden Dawn answered to the anti-Hellenic statements of Erdogan noting that: “The anti-Hellenic positions of the sultan of the Ottomans Erdogan were already known, before his arrival at Greece. This is the reason why Golden Dawn has publicly vowed that he is unwelcome in Greece. 

Those who invited Erdogan in Greece are responsible for the provocations in the capital of Greeks. New Democracy is also responsible, since they publicly agreed with the visit of Erdogan”.

After the provocative statements of Erdogan we call the political leadership of this land to act properly, to ban the triumphal tour of Erdogan at Thrace.”

Of course the statement of N. G. Michaloliakos was silenced from almost all the media, since only some excerpts were broadcasted.

However, it was never broadcasted the call from Golden Dawn to the political leadership of the land to ban immediately the provocative political tour of Erdogan at Thrace.

Of course, how could the subordinate media of the political system broadcast these statements, since they welcome the “sultan” and his antinational fiesta at Thrace?

Saturday, 2 December 2017

More undeniable proof that ANTIFA Anarchist are controlled paramilitary of the system. Video shows colabaration between state and ANTIFA.

Antifa Anarchists disrupt a university speech and smashed a window

Previously, we showed you the undeniable collaboration between the system and ANTIFA terrorists.
Golden Dawn has always maintained that there's collaboration between the system, the police who work for the system and Antifa Anarchist terrorists.  If you forgot who the system is, we listed them in this post here.

We'll it's happened again, in an incident involving speaker and activist, Lucian Wintrich.  Now we're not supporters of Lucian who is a gay Jew.
However, Lucian Wintrich makes a speech at the University of Connecticut titled, ''It's ok to be White''.  Nothing wrong with that, right?  WRONG, according to the unwashed Anarchists and the system.  According to them, Whites must have a sense of guilt and self hatred.

During the speech, a fat unwashed uni leftist steals Lucian's university speech notes. This happens RIGHT IN FRONT of police.  The police stand there despite a criminal theft taking place. Lucian instinctively grabs her with one hand, and with his other grabs his notes back.

50 seconds in the clip.

Who do the police arrest? The anarchist that stole his property?  Or Lucian who was trying to retrieve his stolen property? Unbelievably, they arrested Lucian, rather than the criminal. This is the exact same thing as a robber stealing same lady's handbag, and than she grabs him and takes her handbag back, but the police arrest her instead of the thief.

Connecticut state law allows a person to use reasonable force to prevent or retrieve stolen property.
Not that it actually matters to the state and the police who were collaborating with the anarchists, and arrested Lucian instead.  

Golden Dawn has always let you the reader know, that unwashed anarchists who parade around as ''rebels against the system'', are really just the system's puppets used to try and violently supress Nationalist and Popular movements, that the globalist government system doesn't like, just like the speech in this video.

Why does the system use these anarchist as pawns? Because if the government gets the police to violently supress a popular Nationalist movement that's peacefully protesting, they know these Nationalists will get sympathy from the population, and become angry towards the government. So the unwashed anarchists do the dirty work for the system instead, where the media will than simply report it as, ''Far Left and Far Right clash''.  Some of these leftist groups or anarchist university groups will all of the sudden, get some huge money thrown their way by some (((Billionaires))) such as (((George Soros))), and than they're told to organise and hit the streets, as we've seen.

Than when anarchist's attack protestors that the system doesn't like, whether it be in Hellas, Australia or the USA., the government and media are silent and refuse to condemn it.  
When anarchists have attacked Golden Dawn, the government and media is silent in their condemnation.  But when Golden Dawn dare defend themselves against leftists, the media and government make it front page news.  Or as we can see in cases such as this, will instead simply arrest the activists for defending themselves against Anarchist terrorists. 

Antifa Anarchists, stop pretending your ''rebels'' against the system.  Your political views are exactly the same as the systems. That being, Non-White immigration, illegal immigration, globalism, Anti-Nationalism, Anti-Religion, Pro-Feminism, Pro-Gay Marriage, Pro-Abortion and Pro-Jewish.  
And as we can clearly see from these situations, you are completely in collaboration with the system, and are its puppet pawns.  

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The Greece of Greek Christians! The Greek Nationalists by the side of Orthodoxy

Hundreds of Nationalists sent yesterday a resonant message of support for the Christian Orthodox Faith and our Church, arriving at the event of National Memory Commission with the following subject: “The persecutions against Orthodoxy on the era of Globalization”.

The Consultant of the Periphery of Attica, Comrade Pericles Moulianakis opened the rigorous event and noted that as long as there are Greek Christians, there will be a Greek and Orthodox Homeland!

The Secretary General of People’s Association - Golden Dawn made the first speech in the event. At first, Nikolaos G., Michaloliakos gave the right answers to all those accusations against Golden Dawn, aiming to connect Golden Dawn with mystic satanic organizations. Afterwards, he referred to all the sacred figures of Orthodoxy, to the proud priests of Hellenism, who offered their life to the Homeland and the Faith.

The Archbishop of Christian Orthodox in Athens and Greece, Mr. Makarios, praised the Greek Nationalists for their fights and noted that the most difficult thing today is the loyalty of the people towards their Faith, since Orthodoxy is attacked from every side.

The Doctoral of the Theological University of Antioquia, Archbishop Maluf Antonios, referred to the persecution of Christian by the islamists, stressing that Greece is the capital of Orthodoxy!

The Sergeant Andreakos Dimitrios, who was victorious in his struggle regarding the citizen card, sent the message of resistance towards the atheist and anti-Christian state.

Comrade Nikolaos Papadimitiou, professor and former administrator of Mount Athos, expressed his concern regarding the anti-Christianity of the western societies, which abandon the ethical values, and denounced the “democratic” interventions of an atheist state in our Orthodoxy.

The event ended with the speech of the MP of Piraeus, Giannis Lagos. Lagos stressed that in era where everything is distorted, where ministers and prime-ministers state that they are atheist and build mosques in Athens, only Golden Dawn Fights for our Homeland and our Faith.

The event ended with everyone chanting the National Anthem and the Akathist Hymn. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

Golden Dawn Leader Michaloliakos in Support of Flood Victims in Attica

The head of Golden Dawn, General Secretary Nikos Michaloliakos is accompanied by party members Christos Papper, Eleni Zarolia, & Elias Panagiotaros in the flood effected areas of Attica.

With the Establishment's purposeful neglect of vital infrastructure requirements to help the region cope with flooding, our party stands in support of Greek locals. Our party is here to share in the experience of our every proud Hellene's struggle, and to provide necessary relief to those who not only lost their belongings, but also to those who lost loved ones in the recent disaster.

Our comrades so for themselves the scale of the disaster, which continues to suffer due to the negligent and incompetent State. Our members where greeted with warmly by the locals, who expressed their disgust in the abandonment of the people at the hands of Syriza Regime.

On behalf of the Nationalist movement of Greece, our General Secretary stated the following:

"Once again, Greece mourns the dead due to the neglect of the incompetent state. Syriza has Governed the country for three years, yet not a single flood project has been undertaken in the area. Our deepest condolences go to the families of the dead. The fake patriots of the Establishment will now have to leave Western Attica in mercy. Expect at least one resignation from those who are responsible for this catastrophe ".