Saturday, 13 May 2017

Only Golden Dawn care about the Greeks of Skopia (FYROM)

The truth is that the Popular Association Golden Dawn have for very many years, spoken and warned about the presence of hundreds of thousands of citizens of Skopia ( FYROM) with Hellenic heritage who aren’t recognised as minority and aren’t allowed to freely express their Hellenic identity.

Golden Dawn have been discussing this issue from the early 1990’s while leading protests on the Macedonia issue which started due to Skopia’s attempt to claim ownership of the holy Hellenic name of Macedonia. 

On the 9th of May, Mr Christos Pappas, Parliamentary Leader of the Popular Association Golden Dawn submitted a question to the Foreign Minister about the Hellenic minority of Skopia/FYROM that has been forgotten by the traitor governments (link to official PDFdocument submitted to the Parliament is in Greek).

This question is of urgent importance as the skopians have a problem with the Albanians within their “nation” as we speak: to the point that it threatens the existence of their entire country. Mr Pappas’ question is as follows:

TO THE FOREIGN MINISTRY REGARDING: The Hellenic minority of Skopia

Few people are aware of the sizable Hellenic minority of Skopia. They are approximately 300,000 Hellenes that have been entirely forgotten by the Hellenic government.

At this critical point in time where Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia each promote their interests in the multi-ethnic composition of the skopian state, it is highly necessary to assertively promote and protect the forgotten Hellenic minority. 

It is notable that in the only official population count since the fall of communism the skopian government banned Hellenes from stating their identity.

When the former State of Yugoslavia first appeared on the world stage as an independent “nation” Bulgaria immediately submitted to the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) that there were 2,000,000 bulgarians and 200,000 hellenes residing in that new “nation”.

The Hellenes of Skopia were victimised: families were wiped out, men were forcibly re-settled elsewhere, surnames were changed to Slavic ones, even cemeteries were flattened all in an effort to convince the world that the Macedonians were Slavs and not Hellenes.

The question to the Minister is:

“What actions will the Foreign Ministry undertake in order for the official recognition of the Hellenic minority of Skopia to be realised?”

“In view of the substantial instability of the political scene in Skopia at present, how will the Hellenic government act in order to protect the Hellenic minority from any random or illegal actions of Skopian or other ethnicities inside that state?”

Athens, 9/5/17
Question from Parliamentarian:
Christos Pappas
Parliamentary Leader
Popular Association Golden Dawn

It’s obvious that the break-up of the troublesome multi-ethnic state has come. Sooner or later it will break up along ethnic lines, bringing great danger to the greater Balkan region but also opportunities. It’s certain that Albanian islamists have the support of jihadists that are located in Bosnia and Kosovo.

It’s time that Hellas assumes its responsibilities instead of sitting by and watching the developments unfold. It should work to limit, as much as possible, the expansionism of the Albanians but also to seize the chances that present themselves from the situation. One such chance was rejected by New Democracy when they were in government, and Serbia had proposed that there should be a Serbian-Hellenic border running along the northern boundary of the Hellenic region of Macedonia.

Instead of rushing to help a foreign state that is hostile to our Fatherland and an official ally of Turkey, our nation’s leaders should increase the pressure on it, in order to facilitate a Hellenic-Serbian border as soon as possible.


  1. The corrupt governments of Greece should support the ethnic Greek people who are persecuted and discriminated by races who have stolen their ancient lands.It's about time they cared about Greeks just over the border instead of third world invaders dumped on Greece by the Americans,European Union and Turks.As we all know,before the Ottoman Empire,countries like Albania and the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia never existed in history.Now we hear about a GREATER ALBANIA and GREATER MACEDONIA by the south slavs of FYROM.As the oldest civilization on the Balkan Peninsula,why doesn't those worthless politicians in Athens reclaim these lost lands from these thieves and promote a Great Greece once again.After all it's the Greeks who have lost more than everyone else in the region.

  2. Don't forget North Eipurus! Our Cyprus! Smyrni, Constantinople, and the Pontus! MEGALI IDEA!!!!