What is Golden Dawn Australia?

The rise of Golden Dawn in Australia and many other countries can only be explained by the sheer love of Greeks around the world for their ancestral homeland. These very people are not only migrants born abroad, but also 2nd & 3rd generation Australian born Hellenes.

Greek Australians are watching the destruction of their society back in Greece, and are looking to help their brothers and sisters from across the globe. Today in Greece, thousands of suicides have taken place since the beginning of the financial crisis, and the battered economy has now brought about rampant unemployment of over 25%, destroying the livelihood of Greeks.

We have sat by and watched corrupt politicians betray and sell out the Greek nation to the international loan sharks. The mass corruption of the political elite has added to the harsh and unfair austerity measures on the Greek people, thanks to the memorandum and the Troika. Today, the impoverished Greek people struggle to make ends meet, and the once great nation has become nothing more than an economic and social experiment of the Brussels Marxist elite, while serving as a refugee dumping ground for the European Union.

National threats against our homeland are unfolding, with Turkish fighter jets constantly crossing into our airspace, the government of Skpoje’s continued robbery of our name, heritage & symbols, and the Muslims of Thrace backed by Ankara who are now calling for independence. Violent crimes in Greece that were almost unheard of 25 years ago, are now happening on a daily basis thanks to the millions of illegal immigrants that have invaded our boarders, most of whom have not been checked for diseases or links to criminal & terrorists organisations.

The heroes of the Greek War of Independence shed their blood to free our country from 400 years of slavery, it is absolutely unthinkable that we should then just give away our homeland & become slaves in our own nation once again.

Ethnic Nationalism was the driving force behind the Greek heroes who fought in our war of independence. This ideology, which is embedded in our history, defined the Greek people and their politics until the mid 1970s. Golden Dawn have every right to reclaim our history, culture and way of life through ethnikismos.

Putting aside the more overt threats to Hellas, many Greek Australians hold the morals and values of their parents and grandparents in extremely high regard. It is our very culture and way of life that is being attacked by the cultural Marxists through the promotion of decadent lifestyles in Greece. As Greeks continue to become more “Americanised”, the traditional Hellenic culture that we as Greek Australians have loved for so long is being pushed aside for fast food, drugs, consumerism, sexual immortality, atheism, alcohol, and greed.  Academia, the media and the entertainment industry have attacked the traditional Greek family unit which is slowly starting to break down as more and more young Greeks are following the path of individualistic hedonism.

Greek Australians would love nothing more than to see a Greece that once again belongs to the Greeks. It is for this reason that the Hellenes of Australia support the Nationalists of Greece. Golden Dawn Australia has no intention to form an independent political party on Australian soil, nor to disrupt this beautiful country that so many Greek Australians proudly call home. We uphold the constitution and laws of Australia and hope that someday Hellas shows the same respect for their constitution.

Our exclusive mission as Golden Dawn in Australia is to:

  • Provide relief to impoverished Greeks in need through aid, such as food & clothing appeals.
  • Raise awareness in Australia about the situation in Greece.
  • Stand in solidarity with Golden Dawn, to show support for those who are fighting for our people.

We invite all Australians, including those of non-Greek background, to support the Nationalists of Greece in their struggle against the international powers that seek to destroy Hellenism and the birthplace of Western civilisation.



  1. I decided to look further into Golden Dawn after a friend linked me to a video about the rise of Nationalism. After finding this page I'm proud to say I stand with Golden Dawn, even though I'm not Greek in any way.

    1. Thank you for the support, comrade.

      At least half of the emails, donations & calls we receive are from non-Greek Australians. The support we receive from nationalists around the world is very encouraging!

    2. You stand with the cowardly murders known as golden dawn? You obviously didn't do much research because you obviously missed the part where it is a known criminal organisation and its members are constantly being charged for murder and assault. Pavlos Fyssas will live forever in the hearts of TRUE Greeks

    3. 'it is a known criminal organisation and its members are constantly being charged for murder and assault'.

      That was according to a Globalist who have clear interest in destroying the Golden Dawn party by any means necessary because of their resistance against the destruction of the native Greek people and national sovereignty. Pavlos Fyssas are affiliated with Antifascists who are in cahoots with the anti-Greek Globalists.

      p.s. Golden Dawn has been acquitted of the charges despite the Globalist conspiracy.

  2. I am an Italian citizen who actively supports Forza Nuova. We are nowhere near as successful as Golden Dawn though. We need more Italians to wake up since we are in a similar situation as the Greeks, massive unemployment and third world invasion. I am proud to be the same race as you and hope that one day we can share a successful nationalist victory in the Mediterranean.

    Cheers comrade.

    1. I can assure you Golden Dawn's success will not be unique to Greece, Nationalism is rising around the Western World.

      From Melbourne to Rome, European people will break the chains of the internationalists, and take back the nations we built with our sweat & blood.

  3. I'm having trouble understanding where you're coming from. I'm a supporter of Greek nationalism but what are you doing in Australia? Shouldn't you go back to Greece? Isn't that the whole stance of Golden Dawn on immigration?

    1. Check out our FAQ section for a more detailed answer to this common question, specifically section 9, 10 & 12.

      In short, the majority of our members are Australian born, and Greek migration to this country has a long history, predating federation. We are a valued community in this nation, a great land we are proud to call home. Outside Golden Dawn, our members have aligned themselves with Australian nationalist movements, and we want the best for not just Greece, but our new home in Australia as well.

      Our ideology is not 1 dimensional, we have a universal vision were all people have the right to self determination & sovereignty, free of decadent globalism. We are proud to know that Australia welcomed our forefathers to this country which we helped build, unlike the illegals who enter Greece uninvited & terrorise our neighbourhoods.

      We stand strong with Australian nationalists, who in return have pledged solidarity with Golden Dawn. We are in this battle together, nationalists united against all.

    2. Beautifully summed up. I am an Australian of European stock. Broadly speaking a white person. Greece was the birthplace of Western civilisation and it is being destroyed by cultural Marxism, a Jewish phenomenon like Marxism only more insidious and difficult to combat. Both are nihilist and seek to genocide the white peoples of the world, including the new world. Country's such as Australia but also particularly America, Canada and New Zealand. By attacking family, nation, race and religion. I stand with Golden Dawn because Europeans made and built the modern world and without us it shall be plunged into a new dark age. I want this global conspiracy exposed and the perpetrators brought to justice for seeking the annihilation of Western civilisation, and the white race (the world's sole civilising
      All western politicians have committed treason if not high treason and must be tried as soon as possible if we are to survive, for flooding our nations (and only Western nations I might add) with incompatible, hostile, alien coloured immigrants from corrupt venal cultures who see the world completely differently.
      It is a governments duty to protect our borders and in every Western country they have betrayed us deliberately in order to bring about our ruin.
      This is because they are self serving self seeking and totally corrupt.
      What is happening in Greece shall occur in Australia unless the coloured scourge is expelled.
      I would give them an appropriate amount of time to leave voluntarily, say a month in which they can sell their assets and resettle in their native lands.
      Failing that would mean internment camps.

  4. Serb living in Canada, I want to be a part of Golden Dawn, please never give up and free Greece from ALL foreign influence.

  5. It is time for ordinary people to awake, and confront the tyranny that has been forced upon them, by the enemies of freedom, throughout the world! I am not of Greek descent, but am 100% behind the objectives of Golden Dawn, and hope that Golden Dawn can form a government soon in Greece!

  6. For a nation to triumph, it must first awake!

  7. Former Australian Treasurer Peter Costello comments that reducing spending to pre GFT-stimulus levels will return the budget to surplus. And Michael Danby (Vic minister for Ports) and Kevin Rudd appearance in Ukraine. For the Chocolate President. Makes one sorry that greece has slipped into austerity, the same way that Australia is. Nazi's them all

  8. My best Friend is Greek Aussie (20 odd years) and after reading into Golden Dawn I have to say you have my support fully. Greeks, Italians, Maltese, Chinese, English , Irish and others from Europe built this country to what it is, and now we're seeing our pathetic Governments pandering to minorities (Muslims)They chose to come here and do nothing but live one benefits and use the Medicare system to produce their ugly spawn who grow up resenting the democratic way of life that originated from Greece. I will continue to support you in any way I can.

  9. 161>88

    Never Forgive , Never Forget
    RIP Fyssas Palvos

    Fuck off Nazi Scum
    Your time has come
    No Parsan (///) 161

    1. LOL!

      'My number is BIGGER than your number, my dad could beat up your dad, blah blah'

      Try harder, kiddo


    3. Hey Antifa, how does it feel being a trust fund commie in the current year who has been totally rejected by the working class?

  10. I thought Golden Dawn was the name of an occult, to which Aleister Crowley was involved.
    This seems more like a radical patriots group than one which harnesses the power of the occult. Nationalism is used to divide and conquer, united the people would have much more power, divided they fall.

  11. Never retreat...never surrender...we stand together...stand our ground for the sake of our race...we hold our flags up high , fear no fear and with the help from God we shall free our people no matter the cost...

    Giorgos + Manos ATHANATOI...

  12. Thanks for helping Australia, you are nearly saving the white race since there are a lot of whites here